March 2021

March 2021

I injured my hand climbing mid-month (some sort of strain in the A2 pulleys of my left 3rd and 4th fingers I believe). Apparently it’s like the most common climbing injury but because it’s ligaments it can take a while to recover.

At least it’s a good excuse to do more duties with St John – I’ve decided that Sidney Myer Music Bowl is my favourite venue (despite having too much electronic dance/house music). The donut van gives us leftover donuts.

Thomas, Vida, Ben and I drove out to the Cathedral Ranges to run the southern circuit – Vida and Thomas recently bought a red VW Polo just like their old one in Auckland but much newer and this one doesn’t stall when doing a U-turn. I was really excited for the southern circuit because it had some sections with easy rock climbing.

I’ve been inspired by a coworker to do the Royal Children’s Hospital’s 15th anniversary art trail where you find and scan 100 UooUoos around Melbourne. It doesn’t finish until April 7th so I’m not finished yet. I have however been pushing myself hard on my running mileage to reach them all in time – normally this sort of week-on-week increase would be a guaranteed over-use injury (tendonitis, runner’s knee, shin splints, etc.) but I’m going to stop right after my last one and give myself a long recovery period.

In other work-related news, I’ve applied for and verbally been given the position of Analytics Lead. If I were playing the career progression goal, I think we could say leaving Arup has been a good choice. Now, let’s see who sticks around in the Department for me to ‘lead’…

I took a photo of my canoe polo kit in case anyone ever asked for one. Here it is. All of it except the RMIT bib is owned by the guy who runs Victoria’s events and he brings it – these boats are quite expensive so I give him a bit of rent each time even though he’s really relaxed about it. The paddle is carbon fibre. The spray deck stops water from filling the boat when you slosh around or flip, and the life jacket and helmet provide protection against impacts from boats, balls and paddles.

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