February 2021

February 2021

I spent about 40 hours at the Australian Open this month and didn’t watch a single game of tennis (live)! It’s COVID policy to come into contact with as few people as possible, and that means not entering the arenas. I still watched a couple games on TV with about 20m of concrete separating me and the Djokovic himself. The patients I treated over six shifts were:

  • A ball kid with a bleeding nose
  • A couple people who wanted paracetamol
  • A person with an allergy who ate something that ‘may contain’ the allergen and was breaking out in hives

I was also going to go to a free Melbourne Symphony Orchestra concert with friends, but we had one too many so I volunteered for St John instead. I got to watch most of the concert anyway, and my friends stopped by the first aid tent during my dinner break (to chat – unfortunately not for aid).

Last month I had a photo of a poodle-mix called Murphy who was absolutely nuts. This month I met my coworker’s cavoodle, independently called Murphy. This Murphy is about two months old and really well behaved. Later that week I also saw the other Murphy who is only barely in frame because he was trying to jump onto the table.

Here are some photos from my runs around Melbourne.

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