January 2021

January 2021

I’ve retired the old running graph as it no longer represents the physical activity I’ve been doing. I’ve been consistently climbing and training for canoe polo twice a week each, leaving me sore pretty much every day. Polo competitions are back on so I need to make sure I’m ready! We’re thinking maybe we could put together a B-division team for nationals but I have a long way to go.

I’m behind the camera here

I dropped $160 on a new pair of climbing shoes as my old, second-hand ones have a hole. You can see how easily I complete the following climb in them at Urban Climb in Collingwood, which requires you to hook onto the holds with the top of your toes. I was wearing a mask in this video because it was shortly after the Sydney outbreak which spilled into Victoria; masks were off by the end of the month.

A climb I’ve been working on for six or seven weeks
Another problem I’ve been working on for three weeks

Various pizza-themed photos. Not my dog. Not his pizza.

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