September 2020

September 2020

October 1 marks 86 days since my last haircut. Here’s an old photo of me from when I was still having regular haircuts – thanks to our in-house media dude who shot and produced a promotional video for the grad program back in February. I appear at 35s.

In DHHS news, there is a huge amount of organizational change going on as you can imagine. Our team has completed the backlog we were originally hired to deal with, so while I don’t know what position I will be in in a month’s time, in the meantime I will be working as a Surveillance Officer, monitoring all the cases in a geographic area and alerting the relevant people if anything concerning appears. I do know there are efforts to place me in some more mathematical/computational areas, but it turns out there are multiple teams doing this work so I can’t say where I’ll end up.

One of my project teams at Arup organized a series of indigenous Zoom cooking classes through Mabu Mabu. I signed up for the pavlova class and they posted a set of spices to my house in time for the class. Below is a wattleseed and chocolate pavlova with lemon myrtle cream and a strawberry gum compote. I gave a box to our neighbors, a box to a coworker who printed my absentee ballot for me, and a box to Tom and Vida from Auckland.

Look at this window of a New Zealand store in Southbank. I correctly guessed that the owner was from Hamilton.

Enjoy my most recent running chart. By the way, this is a custom graph I created in R that reads straight from Strava.

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