August 2020

August 2020

Rosh and I decided to try a new delivery place in Brunswick. Mains are pretty up there – my spanner crab bisque, fresh handmade linguine, chilli, garlic and parsley pasta was $28. Not the most expensive meal I’ve ever paid for out of my own pocket but pretty close! Please appreciate the first photo being after plopping the pasta from its delivery container, and the second after tousling it a bit.

I found a new running track near my house and I’ve started running a bit earlier in the day to avoid more people (only casuals go for late morning walks…).

Despite technically starting on the 28th, I think I still need to wait to hear more about this upcoming Department of Health and Human Services job. Unfortunately, it seems both myself and the team I am assigned to have been resourced according to incomplete information – I didn’t even interview, so now I will need to take the time to position myself better. It definitely was strange going into an office, but soon the DHHS will all be working from home as well so I’ve savored the view while I can.

Because I’m working two Melbourne-based jobs and the DHHS is only just transitioning to working from home, I’ve cancelled my September 3rd flight to Auckland. Air New Zealand made it super easy to receive a credit – all I had to do was click a button on their website. I certainly hope to use that credit in the next twelve months.

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