July 2020

July 2020

Ooops, big yikes!

Looks like I was wrong by two orders of magnitude! So long for going climbing, or doing another first aid duty, or …

At least I can still go running though [Editor’s note: written on the 30th]. I’ve worked out that if I get up early-ish and run through Docklands (the newly developed, high-density area, which is pretty soulless) through to Port Melbourne (industrial), I don’t come into close proximity with anyone. There’s actually a really nice reserve (Westgate Park) with a network of well-maintained trails. It’s also where the periodically pink lake is, but that’s normally in the heat of summer.

I took a little time to take a look at the data from my Strava account. It turns out I am remarkably consistent with my mileage without even realizing it. People say you shouldn’t increase your distance more than 10% week on week, otherwise you risk injury (as I have faced before both of my marathons in 2016 and 2017, only fully recovering from my 2017 tendinitis since early this year). The constant trend shows an increase of… nothing.

I probably spent a full working day making these two charts (the top one is interactive). Yes, April 18th does coincide with the start of working from home.

Unfortunately, this weekend the running streak is going to come to an end. We received notice via a flyer outside our gate that someone in our townhouse complex has tested positive for the coronavirus. I might do some skipping on the roof just for the Strava, but won’t rack up my ideally-20km weekend run. Yes, I did get tested after we found out (July 31st).

For some positive news, here are some food photos.

And Arup (specifically, the Infrastructure business group) was very kind and sent us a care package. The option was posed as “do you prefer alcohol or brunch?”

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