June 2020

June 2020

I hear the end is in sight but I wouldn’t mind being back in New Zealand right now. Arup’s Auckland office reopened, but they definitely have to take it slow here.

They’ve reopened public parks, so I tried doing pull-ups and I’ve lost a third of my capacity so that’s worrying. Luckily all the gyms are opening with booking systems to limit numbers and give staff time to clean. I booked myself in for the 22nd, but unfortunately after the spate of infections the government decreased maximum crowd sizes so my booking was cancelled. I didn’t bother booking again because Hannah works at the Department of Health and Human Services and really does not want to get sick.

Below (left) is a photo of my impromptu mukbang because I didn’t cook dinner soon enough before our friends’ Zoom call. Roisin is also eating whatever I cooked – I can’t remember now. Later I tried to make Malaysian curry puffs (right) with an ex-Deloitte colleague but we were chatting for too long and they burned.

Roisin and I have started to look for a new flat with one of her friends I also know. It’s too early to do viewings, but I did do an experimental run to Footscray to see what that would be like. That crater in the middle of my pace on Strava was me stopping to look at food.

One last food photo.

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  1. Why are you riasting a toilet roll stuck with a knife over a gas flame?
    EVERcook and watch telly or chat online while cookng. Hirely dangerous and commom cause of fires. Goong2

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