May 2020

May 2020

I’m aiming to sit the GRE in July or August so I figured I should brush up on my reading and writing… I’ve been rote-learning from a list of 3500 words. I also realised that while I read lots of articles and textbook-style writing, I haven’t read anything older than the 1980s since high school. To that end, I read Northanger Abbey (Austen, 1803) and The Picture of Dorian Gray (Wilde, 1890). Jane’s sentences are dated and take a long time to read, and Oscar rambles about random musings that have no connection to the plot. I read both with a dictionary handy on Google.

Here are some food photos from this month. Half-eaten oatmeal pancakes (left), burger from the pub down the road, and Woolworth’s dairy-free ice cream I’ve been eating too much of lately (right).

Come to think of it, you probably could’ve figured out which was which on your own.

And here are some photos from around Melbourne. (Left) View from the shrine of remembrance, (center) Melbourne across Albert Park Lake, where the F1 would normally be held, and (right) some park near the Prahran market.

The Prahran markets are a bit out of my price range. They even arrange their ramekins in circles.

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  1. do they still sell crayfish at the victoria market. Gocks use to have a apartment about 100 yards from there and we visited often

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