April 2020

April 2020

Working from home is the new normal. I’ve been into the office twice this month, once to print out some stuff and another time to upload some files (internet at the flat is the same speed as what we had back in 2008).

Here’s a photo of our home office setup. The fourth person (either Hannah or Anthony) works from the desk in their master bedroom. I’ve since had a chair delivered from the office – they retail for $1300 so I will be sad to give it back.

To celebrate Easter, Anthony organised a little Easter egg hunt and we painted these little clay piggy (bunny) banks. They were on sale from Cheaper Buy Miles, our local discount store. I painted mine like a mixture of the characters from the Netflix series, Tiger King. And a little bit of The Joker.

We’ve continued making pizza. Covering the dough with olive oil makes it nice and crispy. Also, I mentioned how frying bread in a thin layer of olive oil makes really yummy sandwiches, right? Well, I used a toaster today and realized it’s the first time I’ve used a toaster in two years.

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  1. We found a office chair with 5 castors and 2 levers for adjustments on the side of the road. u can have is very comfortable

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