April 2021

April 2021

Throughout late March and early April, I ran 110km to scan and collect the 100 UooUoos around Melbourne and Geelong. Ended up having to take two weeks off running to let my bones and tendons recover! Here’s a mega collage (excluding some I couldn’t take photos of because there were young children next to them).

My friend Chooi-An (from Deloitte in Auckland, now a lawyer in Melbourne) and I arranged a road trip along most of the Great Ocean Road. It’s something I had meant to do ages ago but was always busy when other people went. I lost a friend’s frisbee in the ocean because I can’t throw straight.

Here are the free donuts from Sidney Myer Music Bowl from whenever I volunteer. I’m sick of them now – at least give me a filling that’s not jam!

And here are photos from the IPAA (Institute of Public Administration Australia) awards evening. That award is not the one I took home – we were nominated for two awards and won one, so I took the one we were only finalists for because they gave out finalist trophies at the end.

I was not actually the youngest person in attendance. We had a 22-year-old on our team. This is what I do for work, Mom! We get awards for it!

March 2021

March 2021

I injured my hand climbing mid-month (some sort of strain in the A2 pulleys of my left 3rd and 4th fingers I believe). Apparently it’s like the most common climbing injury but because it’s ligaments it can take a while to recover.

At least it’s a good excuse to do more duties with St John – I’ve decided that Sidney Myer Music Bowl is my favourite venue (despite having too much electronic dance/house music). The donut van gives us leftover donuts.

Thomas, Vida, Ben and I drove out to the Cathedral Ranges to run the southern circuit – Vida and Thomas recently bought a red VW Polo just like their old one in Auckland but much newer and this one doesn’t stall when doing a U-turn. I was really excited for the southern circuit because it had some sections with easy rock climbing.

I’ve been inspired by a coworker to do the Royal Children’s Hospital’s 15th anniversary art trail where you find and scan 100 UooUoos around Melbourne. It doesn’t finish until April 7th so I’m not finished yet. I have however been pushing myself hard on my running mileage to reach them all in time – normally this sort of week-on-week increase would be a guaranteed over-use injury (tendonitis, runner’s knee, shin splints, etc.) but I’m going to stop right after my last one and give myself a long recovery period.

In other work-related news, I’ve applied for and verbally been given the position of Analytics Lead. If I were playing the career progression goal, I think we could say leaving Arup has been a good choice. Now, let’s see who sticks around in the Department for me to ‘lead’…

I took a photo of my canoe polo kit in case anyone ever asked for one. Here it is. All of it except the RMIT bib is owned by the guy who runs Victoria’s events and he brings it – these boats are quite expensive so I give him a bit of rent each time even though he’s really relaxed about it. The paddle is carbon fibre. The spray deck stops water from filling the boat when you slosh around or flip, and the life jacket and helmet provide protection against impacts from boats, balls and paddles.

February 2021

February 2021

I spent about 40 hours at the Australian Open this month and didn’t watch a single game of tennis (live)! It’s COVID policy to come into contact with as few people as possible, and that means not entering the arenas. I still watched a couple games on TV with about 20m of concrete separating me and the Djokovic himself. The patients I treated over six shifts were:

  • A ball kid with a bleeding nose
  • A couple people who wanted paracetamol
  • A person with an allergy who ate something that ‘may contain’ the allergen and was breaking out in hives

I was also going to go to a free Melbourne Symphony Orchestra concert with friends, but we had one too many so I volunteered for St John instead. I got to watch most of the concert anyway, and my friends stopped by the first aid tent during my dinner break (to chat – unfortunately not for aid).

Last month I had a photo of a poodle-mix called Murphy who was absolutely nuts. This month I met my coworker’s cavoodle, independently called Murphy. This Murphy is about two months old and really well behaved. Later that week I also saw the other Murphy who is only barely in frame because he was trying to jump onto the table.

Here are some photos from my runs around Melbourne.

January 2021

January 2021

I’ve retired the old running graph as it no longer represents the physical activity I’ve been doing. I’ve been consistently climbing and training for canoe polo twice a week each, leaving me sore pretty much every day. Polo competitions are back on so I need to make sure I’m ready! We’re thinking maybe we could put together a B-division team for nationals but I have a long way to go.

I’m behind the camera here

I dropped $160 on a new pair of climbing shoes as my old, second-hand ones have a hole. You can see how easily I complete the following climb in them at Urban Climb in Collingwood, which requires you to hook onto the holds with the top of your toes. I was wearing a mask in this video because it was shortly after the Sydney outbreak which spilled into Victoria; masks were off by the end of the month.

A climb I’ve been working on for six or seven weeks
Another problem I’ve been working on for three weeks

Various pizza-themed photos. Not my dog. Not his pizza.

December 2020

December 2020

It’s nice taking time off work. On December 10th I submitted timesheets for nine weeks of leave for Arup until February. I’m also working full-time for the Department of Health and Human Services (soon-to-be Department of Health).

I’ve been climbing about twice a week for the past two months. Makes up for all the weeks I didn’t go climbing at all.

I wanted to make a dessert to bring to a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve. Why not try a mirror glaze (which I’ve never tried before) on mini chocolate mousse brownie cakes (which I’ve also never tried before)?

My running decreased while I was submitting that research proposal, and also hasn’t picked up because now I’m going climbing much more.

My fifty temporary tattoos arrived!
November 2020

November 2020

I’ve had a couple 60 hour weeks in the past month which isn’t ideal. There’s a constant pressure to do more, which is a hard sell when your hourly rate across jobs ranges from weekend casual rates (twice my salary rate!) down to unpaid overtime. I’ve also been writing up this research proposal every evening for the past two weeks, on optimising control strategies for plant disease interventions.

Lead climbing photos – where you take the rope up with you and clip it into anchor points as you go.

Victoria is celebrating one month without cases now so we’re finally getting some good press! We also no longer have to wear masks outside.

The tracking tool is fed contact tracing data and generates a digital diagram that maps the links between cases and contacts and their movements.” (ABC News – but we gave them this screenshot in the first place)

October 2020

October 2020

In boring news, I realised this site has been periodically crashing (in case you’ve seen the “cannot connect to database” error) because it runs out of RAM! Instead of upgrading my RAM, I added a scratch file because I want to keep the site on Google Cloud’s free tier. I also updated the SSL certificate that tells your web browser this website is indeed the site it says it is, and has a secure connection. Took me a couple hours to figure out how because I didn’t document it the first time. I haven’t documented it this time because I’ll remember how I did it in 90 days’ time.

SSLCertificateFile "/etc/letsencrypt/acme_v2/live/loganwu.co.nz/certificate.pem" SSLCertificateKeyFile "/etc/letsencrypt/acme_v2/live/loganwu.co.nz/private.pem" SSLCertificateChainFile "/etc/letsencrypt/acme_v2/live/loganwu.co.nz/cabundle.pem"

Arup has been treating us with the food delivery credit this month! On one Friday, we simultaneously had a group VIC/SA Infrastructure meeting ($20 each) and our final graduate programme meeting ($45 each – don’t ask me how). Some people bought alcohol but instead I went to the Hawker Chan page, went down the list, and indulged myself with Singaporean takeaways for the next three days. For the Oves awards evening (delightfully named after Ove Arup…) they’ve also given us $25.

Good stuff going on at DHHS. I took this screenshot for someone else to put my work into perspective. The red arrow is roughly when I began my work.

This data visualisation was provided to the press. Aaron Smith does not realise how on-the-money yet simultaneously off-the-money he is, as I am simultaneously a Visio monkey and a member of the developer community who would like to be automating this stuff.

If anyone reading this is not on the mailing list but wants to be emailed monthly… let me know.

September 2020

September 2020

October 1 marks 86 days since my last haircut. Here’s an old photo of me from when I was still having regular haircuts – thanks to our in-house media dude who shot and produced a promotional video for the grad program back in February. I appear at 35s.

In DHHS news, there is a huge amount of organizational change going on as you can imagine. Our team has completed the backlog we were originally hired to deal with, so while I don’t know what position I will be in in a month’s time, in the meantime I will be working as a Surveillance Officer, monitoring all the cases in a geographic area and alerting the relevant people if anything concerning appears. I do know there are efforts to place me in some more mathematical/computational areas, but it turns out there are multiple teams doing this work so I can’t say where I’ll end up.

One of my project teams at Arup organized a series of indigenous Zoom cooking classes through Mabu Mabu. I signed up for the pavlova class and they posted a set of spices to my house in time for the class. Below is a wattleseed and chocolate pavlova with lemon myrtle cream and a strawberry gum compote. I gave a box to our neighbors, a box to a coworker who printed my absentee ballot for me, and a box to Tom and Vida from Auckland.

Look at this window of a New Zealand store in Southbank. I correctly guessed that the owner was from Hamilton.

Enjoy my most recent running chart. By the way, this is a custom graph I created in R that reads straight from Strava.

August 2020

August 2020

Rosh and I decided to try a new delivery place in Brunswick. Mains are pretty up there – my spanner crab bisque, fresh handmade linguine, chilli, garlic and parsley pasta was $28. Not the most expensive meal I’ve ever paid for out of my own pocket but pretty close! Please appreciate the first photo being after plopping the pasta from its delivery container, and the second after tousling it a bit.

I found a new running track near my house and I’ve started running a bit earlier in the day to avoid more people (only casuals go for late morning walks…).

Despite technically starting on the 28th, I think I still need to wait to hear more about this upcoming Department of Health and Human Services job. Unfortunately, it seems both myself and the team I am assigned to have been resourced according to incomplete information – I didn’t even interview, so now I will need to take the time to position myself better. It definitely was strange going into an office, but soon the DHHS will all be working from home as well so I’ve savored the view while I can.

Because I’m working two Melbourne-based jobs and the DHHS is only just transitioning to working from home, I’ve cancelled my September 3rd flight to Auckland. Air New Zealand made it super easy to receive a credit – all I had to do was click a button on their website. I certainly hope to use that credit in the next twelve months.

July 2020

July 2020

Ooops, big yikes!

Looks like I was wrong by two orders of magnitude! So long for going climbing, or doing another first aid duty, or …

At least I can still go running though [Editor’s note: written on the 30th]. I’ve worked out that if I get up early-ish and run through Docklands (the newly developed, high-density area, which is pretty soulless) through to Port Melbourne (industrial), I don’t come into close proximity with anyone. There’s actually a really nice reserve (Westgate Park) with a network of well-maintained trails. It’s also where the periodically pink lake is, but that’s normally in the heat of summer.

I took a little time to take a look at the data from my Strava account. It turns out I am remarkably consistent with my mileage without even realizing it. People say you shouldn’t increase your distance more than 10% week on week, otherwise you risk injury (as I have faced before both of my marathons in 2016 and 2017, only fully recovering from my 2017 tendinitis since early this year). The constant trend shows an increase of… nothing.

I probably spent a full working day making these two charts (the top one is interactive). Yes, April 18th does coincide with the start of working from home.

Unfortunately, this weekend the running streak is going to come to an end. We received notice via a flyer outside our gate that someone in our townhouse complex has tested positive for the coronavirus. I might do some skipping on the roof just for the Strava, but won’t rack up my ideally-20km weekend run. Yes, I did get tested after we found out (July 31st).

For some positive news, here are some food photos.

And Arup (specifically, the Infrastructure business group) was very kind and sent us a care package. The option was posed as “do you prefer alcohol or brunch?”